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Acupuncture treatment is a complementary therapy, known to relieve pain, stiffness, muscle tension and many other conditions suffered by cats and dogs with chronic pain. Below are a few testimonials from my clients.


“My eight year old black Labrador Megan suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis.  She was very stiff and in a lot of pain.  She was depressed and could only manage short walks on a lead.  After one of her consultations we were asked if we had considered acupuncture.  After her first session she came out a different dog.  We had a course of six weekly sessions, and now we just have a top-up session every four or five weeks.  This treatment has made a vast difference.  We now have a happy, lively Labrador with a zest for life who enjoys her walks – including running off lead.  This all thanks to Shelagh and her little needles.”

Val Burrage and Megan


“My sixteen year old cat, Tabby, suffers from arthritis for which he takes an anti-inflammatory drug, but over time this had become less effective. When Shelagh suggested acupuncture I was sceptical but decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did. From the very first treatment I noticed a difference. Over the next few weeks Tabby got his lost appetite back and was livelier than he had been in a long time. I came home one day to find not only was he outside (he had stopped using the cat flap) but was on top of the shed roof! The effect of just a few needles is amazing and I’m more than happy for Tabby to continue with top-up treatments.”

Sarah Reeve and Tabby. 


“Fliss has terrible hp dysplasia. By keeping her very slim and weekly hydrotherapy she has managed to live a full life for six years. Then she started to really slow down. She would tremble a lot, the muscles of the worst back leg withered, and she started to sleep much more. We couldn’t face putting her through a hip replacement operation, but didn’t know how much longer she could go on living in pain. Then Shelagh suggested acupuncture. Fliss didn’t mind the little needles too much, and after only a couple of sessions we saw an improvement. Fliss was happy and bouncy again, she was more involved in family life again. She stopped holding up the bad leg and Shelagh said that the muscle tension in her back (from carrying the bad leg) had decreased. We have our Fliss back again thanks to Shelagh’s kind gift of acupuncture . “

Laura Smithson and Fliss


“Amber is an older cat with arthritis, hyperthyroidism and chronic kidney disease. She eats special food for her kidneys, takes metacam for her arthritis and tablets for her thyroid. I had noticed that she would walk with her back arched, sleep most of the time and had cried out when attempting to jump onto the mantelpiece. 

She tolerated her first acupuncture session well, and we noticed a difference after two or three sessions. Amber stopped gradually losing weight, her coat condition improved, she was more mobile at home and didn’t cry out any more when jumping up. Shelagh suggested that I put chairs (to act as steps) next to her favourite perching spots and she is back to ruling the roost!”

Mrs Hardy and Amber. 


“My sixteen year old Lurcher, Penny, was really slowing down. She could no longer jump into the car, climb stairs or jump onto the sofa. She was also incontinent sometimes.

She didn’t want to go for walks. Her back end wobbled as she walked, and sometimes she would drag one back leg. We thought that she was nearing the end; her kidney function wasn’t as good as it used to be and her blood pressure was high so she had had one or two little “strokes”.  She didn’t tolerate pain medications (they all put her off her food), and was on three drugs for her blood pressure.

Then she started to have acupuncture – she would stand very still for her needles, and began to look forward to her treat afterwards. Within a few sessions she was a much happier dog, more alert and her appetite had improved. Then we realised that she wanted to go out for walks again, she jumped onto the sofa and our bed (she hadn’t been able to get on our bed for years) and she even began to play again. She willingly jumped into the car and even swam in the river at the dog park again. We were delighted to have our old (young) dog back. She had weekly acupuncture sessions for several weeks, then fortnightly, then monthly. She now has a session about once every six weeks. This is enough to keep her happy and bounding down the road to the woods again. She has been having acupuncture for ten months now and it has taken years off her.”

Simon Tubby and Penny


“Drift has an immune disease called Lupus. It mostly affects the inside of his mouth. We are using acupuncture to help improve the immune system. He is an ex-agility collie so is brilliantly behaved, even for points in his face. “

Karen Earl and Drift


“My Golden Retriever, Alfie, has been epileptic for many years. He is on every epilepsy drug going, and still has cluster seizures every few months. He becomes really tense in his back after a set of seizures and his back end gets very wobbly. Alfie loves swimming in the river, but his back legs were just being dragged in the water. 

Shelagh gave Alfie acupuncture while she was training, and I was delighted with his response – he was able to climb the stairs again after many months of not being able to. He was happier in himself, didn’t drag his back feet as much, and seemed stronger. He even started to swim with his back legs again, and could jump into the car. He hardly wobbles at all and seems a lot younger. 

Alfie loves his acupuncture sessions – he becomes very drowsy, lies down and begins to snore loudly. His back muscles twitch a bit with the needles in, but Shelagh says that this is a good sign.   I would recommend acupuncture to any epileptic dog, Having seizures can cause dreadful muscle spasms.”

Sarah Dawkins and Alfie.


“Our 2 year old cat Katie had an operation to remove a fractured bone in hip. After the operation Katie was in a lot of pain in and around the hip area. She was also showing signs of nerve damage, Katie was knuckling and couldn’t feel her foot. We were told by our vet if she didn’t get the feeling back then it was highly likely her leg would have to be amputated. 

Katie had 6 acupuncture sessions with Shelagh and it was amazing to see each week the improvement Katie was making. Week 1 she was in excruciating pain, severe twitching of the hip, couldn’t walk and no sensation in her foot to week 4-6 being able to do all she could before the operation and a happy singing Katie.

The acupuncture certainly helped Katie with the recovery of her hip operation. The feeling in her foot is improving each day to which it is now highly unlikely she will be having her leg amputated. We would defiantly recommend acupuncture for animals especially after a traumatic operation, we cannot thank Shelagh enough.”

Heidi and Steve Anderton


Elvis is a most unusual looking dog, he’s a Shar Pei crossed with a Basset Hound. Since he was a puppy his left front leg turned out to the side. He’s been a really active dog, lives on a farm and loves running after sniffs and wildlife. 

Over the years, he has developed arthritis and despite pain medication was starting to slow down, preferring to sit in the truck rather than be out and about checking for vermin. He had stopped jumping onto his favourite chair and spent more time in his bed.

I first met Elvis in January 2021, he was painful in many joints and muscles.

He needed a few snacks to distract him for me to put the first few needles in, but soon the effects of the acupuncture became obvious – he got a glazed look in his eyes and lay down to relax and enjoy the release of happy chemicals that acupuncture induces. 

After a few sessions, Elvis’s owners noticed that he was much more active around the farm, had caught a rabbit for the first time in months and had resumed counter surfing in the kitchen. He was back to greeting the postman loudly again, rather than just lying in his bed. He had the Zoomies around the kitchen, just for the fun of it. AND, he was back in his old favourite chair. 


Walter had hip/back pain and was miserable, not even enjoying his favourite game of ball chasing. After a few sessions with Shelagh he was back to enjoying a pain-free happy active life.

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