Holistic Veterinarian.   Dr Shelagh Tubby BVMS MRCVS

About me

I am a Veterinary Surgeon with over 20 years’ experience treating mostly cats and dogs in Norfolk, UK.

I studied at The University of Glasgow, graduating in 1997, and am a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group and the British Association of Veterinary Herbalists.

After developing an interest in treating chronic pain with more than just anti-inflammatories, I found acupuncture. After completing further education, I now offer Veterinary Herbal Medicine in addition to acupuncture. Veterinary Herbal Medicine can offer more than conventional medicine for many chronic conditions affecting pets. 

I owned an elderly lurcher, Penny, who was my first acupuncture case. She gained a whole new lease of life after just a few treatments.

I have been practising veterinary acupuncture since January 2013, and have seen some amazing responses.

I work part time at Bure Valley Vets in Aylsham, a branch of Taverham Vets. A busy clinic seeing mostly cats and dogs. At the day job, I continue my special interest in managing chronic pain, geriatric medicine, soft tissue surgery and also accomplish a lot of veterinary dentistry.

My three children are growing up and becoming more independent, but still need support for all their after school activities      

In my spare time, I row and scull on the beautiful River Yare from Yare Boat Club on Thorpe Island.   I compete regionally and nationally both on the water and on a rowing machine.   

We are an active family, the children swim, cycle, row, athletics, ball sports, …The Scouting movement also keeps us busy.  Every winter I relearn how to crochet – this year I have finally mastered it! Snowflakes are dropping off my hook.



Why use me?

You deserve TIME devoted to your pet. My longer appointments and relaxed home environment offer a bespoke service with continuity of care. Review of your pet’s full medical history and a detailed examination are an important part of the initial consultation. 

There is easy parking outside my house. I have a fully fenced garden which I usually have set up with FREEWORK so I can observe the dogs move without the interference of a lead. In my treatment room I have Flotex flooring rather than slippy floors giving dogs confidence. The step up into the conservatory has a dog friendly ramp. I also offer the choice of treating animals on a non-slip table or on an enormous squishy mat and duvet on the floor. On your visit there will be no other pets in the house, so no distractions.

My special interest in chronic pain and many years experience of animal acupuncture, gives me the ability to improve the quality of your pet’s life with more than just acupuncture, a wealth of tips and experience can be shared with you. Herbal Medicine bespoke to your pet can be used too; some recent examples include anxiety reducing formula for firework season, formula to help manage gastric ulceration, circulatory formula and supporting a dog undergoing chemotherapy. I also stock some herbal joint supplements, from a reliable source. 

I teach owners how to help their pet in between appointments, from how to assist a less mobile dog using harnesses, or a simple sling, to thinking about the height of food and water, to the benefits of licking and how to spend time massaging your pet. Helping dogs in and out of cars, Pad and nail-care advice. I teach massage to owners and often provide emotional support including discussing end of life decision making. 

I have literature available from CAM – a fantastic web based resource helping owners of painful pets, Canine Arthritis Management. 

Fully computerised record keeping, I send you and your first opinion vet a written report of your pet’s visit every time they come to have a treatment with me. Written recommendations are made to tailor your pets conventional medication, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to be always relevant to the current situation. 

Would you like to find out more?

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